Children’s Corner Day Nursery is a family-owned, private day nursery, which was established in 1983. I took over the ownership of the nursery early in 2010. I, Mrs Kila Patel, have been a qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB) since 1992 and a Child Care Social Worker since 1998. My husband and I have lived in West Ealing for over 15 years and have two young children of our own. I treasure family values and aim to reflect this in the way I conduct business. I have always had a passion for working with children in a variety of settings and thoroughly enjoy being a part of a team that nurtures and develops potentials in children.
The nursery provides safe, homely and stimulating care for low numbered children aged between toddlers to 5 years. We are also registered to take children up to the age of eight before 31st Aug, during school holidays and after school.

Your child is our priority. We have a safe and loving environment, especially designed to provide excellent care and early education, 24 months and children of up to five years old.
Your children will be stimulated, entertained and cared for by highly trained staff in surroundings designed to help them learn and have lots of fun.
Please feel free to come and look around. You and your family are very welcome.

Ofsted rating: "We are Good with Outstanding"

  • Key person supports children's well-being, as a result develop an excellent relationship.
  • Staff have high expectation of all children.
  • Staff provide a wide variety of highly stimulating and interesting activities.
  • All children enjoy learning and make very good progress.
  • Staff priorities children's safety, well-being and their welfare.
  • Promote parental involvement and contribution to children's learning.
  • Strong unified approach to helping children access all the support and achieve their full potential.
  • The manager is driven, continuously evaluates the practice, actively supports staff's professional development, ensuring the nursery provision continues to improve.